Looking to Relocate Your Commercial Building?

Commercial-Building-McKinneyThere are several important factors to consider when you are looking to relocate your commercial building.  Whether you are building from the ground up, or doing a tenant finish out on an existing lease space, the following are essential.

3 Commercial Building Considerations

  • Location, location, location! The location of your business can be the driving force to future success…but don’t forget to consider the city and population statics. It is imperative to know if the population levels will support a new business.
  • Traffic patterns:  Studies show that most patrons want their destination within 5 miles of a major throughout fare and no more than 2 turns from their exit.
  • Size and space planning: While the size of your commercial building is a key factor, how you use the space is equally important. The layout and flow of your office can either enhance or hinder productivity.

What about some unforeseen factors? A project that requires land selection poses several less known components.

  • Utilities and plumbing:  How available will water, electricity and other utilities be to your location? A piece of land that is being sold at a price that is “too goo too be true” may require you to spend thousands in site development because the closest water line is miles away.
  • Zoning:  Is the land zoned for commercial construction? What other infrastructures and development plans exist for the surrounding area? It is imperative to work closely with your city’s Planning and Zoning division during the beginning stages of your project.
  • Soil treatment:  A commercial building is only as good as what is underneath it. Before any construction can begin, the soil must be treated and conditioned to provide a solid foundation for your future building.

Working with a knowledgeable commercial general contractor can help bring to light possible obstacles that could deter your building project.  If you have any questions about an upcoming relocation or building project please feel free to give us a call!

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