Dental Office Design in McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Prosper, and more!

dental-office-design-mckinneyTo the untrained eye of a dental patient, the construction and design of a dental office is just like that of any other professional office.  They see a parking lot, entrance, waiting room, reception desk, and the various examination rooms where their services are provided to them.  But what every dentist knows is that dental office design requires highly meticulous planning and specific engineering that allows for the seamless delivery of patient care.  Specialized equipment requiring dedicated sources of power, medical gas lines, plumbing, coupled with zoning regulations all need to be strategically coordinated into an environment that not only allows the dentist to work efficiently, but also makes the patient feel comfortable and secure.  This is our specialty.

At Grimes Development we have been providing dental office design and dental office construction services in the McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Prosper, and greater North Dallas over thirty years.  Our experience and knowledge of dental provider requirements has expanded with every client we have served, and that means that whether you are ready to open your own practice for the first time or are planning an expansion of your existing one, we will be able to provide you with the dental office design that you’ve always dreamed of…at the best possible price.

A Two-Fold View on Dental Office Design

Our objective in dental office design and dental office construction is to serve two distinct clients; both doctors and patients.  We understand there is no reason why your new dental office cannot be designed to provide both functionality and personality. With so many dental offices in North Dallas, your needs to stand out.  In addition to needing all of the equipment and extras for your practice, we believe that your office should also be a reflection of your own personal image, and a place where your patients feel comfortable and secure.  We work directly within your vision, and strive to communicate the ambiance and message you want your clients to receive the moment that they walk through your door.  The friendlier your environment is, the better your patients feel.  This translates into customer satisfaction, and the resulting word-of-mouth praise often leads to an increase in new patient business.

The team at Grimes Development makes your dental office design project fun, as we work hand-in-hand with you through the entire construction process.  From creating the initial plan to devising a strategy that turns your dream into a reality, our skilled project managers will work with you through every stage of conception, design, architecture, and construction.  We have served numerous dentists in McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano, Prosper, and more.  Our projects have ranged from dental office clinics, to specialty applications including orthodontic office design and pediatric dental design.  We are meticulous planners, and will work within your budget and your move-in schedule to make your project a success.

Whether you work with us on a new dental office construction or a refreshed dental office design, our attention to detail and personal approach will produce an office that makes you proud.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and a facility that keeps your patients coming back for years to come.

Please visit our Dental Office Gallery to view some of the dental office construction projects we have completed.  It’s never too early to start asking questions about your idea.  We welcome casual dialogue, and never charge for initial consultations.  Are you ready to start discussing your dental office dream?  Reach out and contact us today!

by Russell Grimes

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