Construction Company Checklist in McKinney Texas

construction-company-mckinney-txThere are several things to think about before deciding on a Construction company in McKinney Tx. The following are a few of the more important attributes of good commercial construction companies and how they relate to us at Grimes Development.

We Value Consultation

A good commercial construction firm will place an emphasis on consultation before rushing into a project. An important aspect of customer satisfaction is to understand the needs and desires of the client, and then to apply them to the new construction project. Our client is not only a customer, but is also a partner in the project that we embark on.

Listening Ensures We Achieve Our Client’s Desired Goals

A professional Construction company in McKinney Tx can take your idea from the beginning and determine if your site selection is feasible.  Every construction project has obstacles to overcome for the commercial site to be developed. Often clients will skip this step and attempt to use land that is not practical for use with certain public utilities. There may also be issues with zoning or local ordinances that make developing the land difficult. The same applies to expanding or remodeling an existing property. By consulting with us from the beginning, much of the risk is taken out of your project.  This will save you both time and money early on.

Texas Does Not Require a License

The first time you start shopping for a professional commercial construction company, you may be surprised to find out that having a license for this type of work is not mandatory in the state of Texas. Anyone can claim to be engaged in professional construction in McKinney, Tx. or anywhere else in the state. Since most people place a premium on having a license as part of being a professional company, many become confused as to how best to determine the level of professionalism that a company possesses.  Due diligence is very important before making your selection, and here are some questions you can ask early on.

Professional Construction Companies are Members of Professional Organizations

One important criterion is that your construction company should be a member of our industry trade groups. Professional organizations demand certain standards for construction companies, and these involve both skill and financial commitments that companies with lower standards cannot or will not meet. We are members of every major professional organization that includes the Associated General Contractors of America, TEXO Dallas, and the Texas Association of Builders and Contractors. This should be the minimum bar for the company you consider working with on your project.

A Professional Construction Company in McKinney Should Demonstrate Experience

Professional general construction companies do not come into being overnight. There is a period of time when quality jobs are completed to customer satisfaction, and a firm’s reputation begins to grow and develop. This can take many years. We have been providing valuable services to commercial clients for over 30 years and have an extensive number of testimonials to demonstrate this. Our experience does not only produce a final product that makes our clients happy, but we also deliver on time and within budget.

Professional Construction Companies Have an Extensive Portfolio

A professional commercial construction company will have a large portfolio of completed projects that have been documented that include extensive photos. This can provide a good idea of your construction company’s capabilities. Along with the images, we have many completed projects that are currently in use within the McKinney community. Our website contains a sampling of our finished projects, and we can provide more information upon request. Our past customers can also be reached and asked about their experience as well. Because we are a professional company, we are proud of the work we have done.

A General Commercial Construction Firm Gains Specialty

A commercial construction company that has been in business for many years will have a resume containing a wide range of completed projects, but there will also be specialties the firm has also developed. Taking advantage of these specialty areas can save you time and money. For example, we have a long history of dental office and medical office construction. This includes the design of new offices or tenant improvements of leasehold space. This does not limit us to general construction projects, but we have honed these areas that require specific knowledge and pass these benefits on to our clients.

Whether you plan on developing a new commercial property from raw land or would prefer to expand an existing property, it all begins by giving us a phone call or sending an email. We can begin the process of consultation and work with you to bring your concept to fruition.  We look forward to meeting you.

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